Protect your home from termites!

Termite Inspection and Treatment Experts - Western Downs

Don’t Panic! Try to stay calm. 

If you suspect or have seen termites in your home or business, please call us. We can give you useful advice about what to do over the phone.

We understand how stressful this can be. Central Pest Control has been supporting families and businesses by getting rid of termites for over 15 years.

Termite top tips…

  • Don’t touch them
  • Don’t spray them
  • Don’t touch dodgy areas
  • Don’t break open wood
  • Don’t touch mud tubes

Do call Central Pest Control on 07 4662 1132 now!

Home insurance doesn’t cover you for termite damage!

Termites attacking your home or business is more likely than fire, flood and natural disaster combined. You can protect your most valued asset with a termite management system from Central Pest Control.

Make your home a fortress by having a professional termite inspection and a termite management plan. Regular termite inspections form the basis of a good plan. Plans also include carrying out any action needed to protect your home against termite attack.

For your complete peace of mind, Central Pest Control recommends customers install a termite management system. For a free quote, just call 07 4662 1132 today.

Termite Inspections and Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections for the Western Downs

Central Pest Control has two termite inspection options:

This option is for anyone that suspects their property has termites. It also applies to those who want to have their house inspected as a precaution.

This option is for people who are looking to buy a property.

For peace of mind, Central Pest Control has the termite experience and local knowledge to provide comprehensive termite inspections.

Standard Termite Inspections

These inspections are an examination of your property for signs of termite activity, termite damage and conditions around the perimeter of your property that attract termites.

If your property has termites this is a vital first step before deciding on the correct treatment. It determines the species of termite, their entry points, areas of activity, and the amount of damage.

How do we carry out a termite inspection?

We inspect the following areas:

  • Yard (trees, fencing, landscaping)
  • Garages and/or outbuildings
  • Building exterior
  • Inside rooms
  • Roof voids (and sub-floors)

A termite inspection is a visual inspection. We need access to an area to inspect it. We’re not allowed to move items or damage walls. We use a moisture meter to detect leaks or areas of moisture behind a wall, which could indicate termite activity. If we recommend an invasive inspection, we’ll first seek your written permission.

What do I get from a termite inspection?

  • We’ll share the investigation findings with you
  • We’ll outline your termite treatment options (if present)
  • You’ll get recommendations about how best to protect your property against future attack
  • We’ll recommend how to make your property less attractive to termites
  • We provide a detailed report containing photographs and recommendations

My property doesn’t have termites, should I still get a termite inspection?

Yes. Every building should have a termite inspection at least once per year, according to Australian Standards, state governments and building authorities. More often in areas of high termite activity risk. You’d be wise to consider an annual termite inspection if you live in the Western Downs.

What makes a Central Pest Control termite inspection the best across the Western Downs?

With over 15 years of experience we know what to looking for in and around your property. We work with and understand local termite species, their habits and most important…the best way of getting rid of them.

Our inspections take at least 1.5 hours and follow Australian Standards (AS 3660.2-2000). Depending on the size of the property, it takes time to do a thorough termite inspection.

For a FREE quote, call 07 4662 1132.

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections should always take place before you buy a property. 

This inspection checks for termites and borers, any damage, and any wood decay. This is important to know before you put pen to paper and sign a contract or place an offer at auction. 

It will inform your decision and may help in price negotiations. 

It could save you a fortune!

Is there a termite timebomb ticking in your new home?

You want to be sure you’re making a sound investment for future generations. You don’t want to sit in your new home whilst the walls around you crumble. When spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home, make sure it’s pest free and you can enjoy it for years to come.

Our pre-purchase pest inspections follow strict Australian Standards (AS 4349.3-2010).

When to do a pre-purchase timber pest inspection?

There are 3 times when we can do a pre-purchase pest inspection…

  1. Before the purchase.
  2. During the cooling off period.
  3. Before your auction bid.

A pre-purchase pest inspection will take one/two-hours. We’re independent and don’t work with real-estate agents. This means we’re working in your best interests.

We will be able to highlight and discuss any existing or potential problems. It’s only a visual inspection. We can’t move items or drill walls. Be aware that sellers may try to hide termite activity. We will tell you if we suspect this and can advise on a course of action.

After the inspection, you’ll get a detailed inspection report, photos with descriptions included. You’ll then need to work out the costs for pest treatment, correcting any damage and making the property less attractive to prevent future pest attack. Once you know this, then you can use it when negotiating price.

A few hundred dollars on a pest inspection could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a FREE quote call Central Pest Control on 07 4662 1132 today.

FREE termite treatment quote at your property

We believe it’s important to give you the most accurate quote possible. To do so, we’re happy to visit and inspect your property for FREE.

When we understand the problem, you can be confident that you’re getting proper recommendations along with accurate costs to get the job done right, the first time.

Termite treatments that offer lasting protection from Central Pest Control

To stay ahead of the game and for your future peace of mind, we offer a number systems that provide lasting termite protection for your home.

Termite soil treatment

This puts a chemical (Termidor – Non-Repellant, Biflex – Repellant) in the soil around and under your buildings, creating a treatment zone around your property. This is the best and the most commonly used termite barrier system on the market today. Unfortunately, not all buildings are constructed in a way that a chemical termite treatment can be installed. This is when we look at a termite monitoring & baiting system, to protect the property. And in most cases, the installation can be a lot less invasive.

Termite baiting system

Termite baits are plastic bait stations containing termite food and a slow acting insecticide. They’re placed in the ground around your home, intercepting termites before they reach your house.

We recommend Sentricon’s AlwaysActive because it gets to work as soon as we install the bait stations. Scientifically proven, the AlwaysActive baits we use are 10 times more attractive to termites than your property timbers. Termites eat the bait and take it back to the nest. They infect other termites and over time destroy the colony. It’s one of the best ways to kill a termite colony.
Once we’ve installed the system we come back and check it every 3 months for activity. We replace any attacked baits. Homeowners can do this themselves to save money, but they MUST NOT forget to inspect regularly. And, give us a call immediately if they spot any termite activity.

Our Trusted Partners

Which is the better treatment for termites?

In environmentally sensitive cases we recommend a termite baiting system, such as Sentricon Always Active.

  • It’s safer
  • Better for the environment
  • Suitable for most construction types
  • Suitable for most soil types
  • No impact from soil movement or flooding

What does a termite treatment cost?

Termite service costs across the Western Downs can vary. It’s important to get an accurate quote before work begins. That’s why we need to visit you on site rather than give you a quote over the phone that might change.

6 costs that determine termite treatment:

  • Size and construction type of the property.
  • Soil type and number of concrete/pavers around the building
  • Gradient of land
  • Drainage and landscaping issues
  • Degree of termite infestation
  • Termite species

No two situations are the same. You can rely on our years of experience to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. We will take into consideration many factors in determining the size of the problem, the most appropriate termite treatments, and costs.

For a FREE quote and visit, just call 07 4662 1132 today.

Watch out!

‘Cowboys’ that lack qualifications and experience operate throughout the Western Downs. You should always ask to see their authorised paperwork (licenses and insurance) for termite work.

Be aware!

Don’t be cheap when protecting your home and family. The lowest quote may not be the best and when you’re protecting your home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you want to be sure you’re getting the best. Choose a local termite expert that people trust. Customers have been relying on Central Pest Control for over 15 years. We get the job done right, the first time!