Rodents living in your home or business?

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Rodent removal and control experts in the Western Downs

Can you hear the sound of tiny feet scurrying about in your roof void? Or, has something been gnawing away at the groceries in the kitchen? Rodents present a serious problem for humans.

Not only do they spoil and contaminate food, but they can cause physical damage to your home as well as transmitting disease to you and your loved ones.

With access to food and shelter, rodents will quickly try to move in. If they’re not dealt with immediately, their numbers will quickly increase. Rodents are cunning and have learned a thing or two about surviving around humans over the centuries. That’s why you need a rodent expert with experience in removing rats and mice from your property. Call Central Pest Control on 07 4662 1132 today.

Do you have a rodent problem?

Rats and mice tend to be shy and most of their activity takes place under the cover of darkness. If you see a rodent, especially during the day, it could mean that the local population has grown to such a size that there’s a lack of hiding places and/or a lack of food. In desperation they’re forced into the open in their hunt for food. If you see a rat or mouse then it’s time to call us in to eliminate the problem fast! If you have an infestation, you’ll need a specialist rodent control treatment.

Specialist Rodent control

We will carry out a thorough inspection to determine the species, their nesting sites and how they are getting access to your property. A detailed investigation will help to understand the quantity and placement of baits. We use lockable bait stations for safety, which remain the property of the homeowner after the treatment. We’ll also make recommendations on ways to rodent proof your property. Depending on the size of the problem, we may need more than one visit.

How to detect rats and mice?

  • Droppings can identify the rodent species and how recently they’ve been active.
  • Runways/rubmarks on surfaces are caused by greasy rodent fur they can help with trap placement.
  • Burrows are often found near waterways and buildings.
  • Gnawings are often found in woodwork, food, soap and even soft metals. Their teeth grow continuously and this behaviour prevents their front teeth from getting too long.
  • Nests are usually made of rags, paper, cardboard, straw, etc. and found in hidden areas of buildings.
  • Runs outside can be identified as compacted areas of vegetation caused by constant rodent traffic.
  • Tracks can often be seen in dusty floors and roof voids.
  • Urine stains can be seen under an ultraviolet light.
  • Urinating pillars are small mounds of urine, grease, dirt and dust that build up with long-term mice activity.
  • Disappearance of food occurs as rats may take it back to their nests.
  • Sounds like squeaking, gnawing, clawing and scurrying can often be heard in the evening and at night.
  • Odour is usually present with long-term rodent activity.
  • Visual sightings can occur during the day, which can indicate a large population or the scarcity of food.
  • Pets, such as dogs, can get excited by the smell and sounds of rodents. They might bark and scratch at areas of rodent activity.

Top tips to keep rodents out of your property

  • Eliminate points of entry e.g. fill gaps around pipework and roof tiles.
  • Maintain good sanitation so rodents aren't attracted to your property.
  • Traps and bait stations placed in strategic positions.
  • Proper storage of food (and pet food).
  • Get a cat (or a dog)!