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Pests can be specific to a geographical location. So, it’s important to choose a pest control company with local experience. Central Pest Control has over fifteen years of tackling local pest problems.

We can get rid of a problem that’s troubling you right now, or we can protect you and your property against attacks in the future. Central Pest Control offer a broad range of pest control services to suit your immediate or future requirements.

Do you need a general pest control treatment?

Do you need a specific pest control treatment?

Our complete general pest control treatment for your home

This is one of our most popular pest control services. It’s a comprehensive treatment that covers most pests you’ll come across in the home.

Pests: Cockroaches, spiders.
Warranty: Twelve months
Areas: Internal rooms, roof void, sub-floor, building perimeter, garage, yard, sheds, outdoor furniture and fences
Products: Sprays, powders and gels.

In the Western Downs, cockroaches and spiders are the key pests and our treatment allows us to provide a 12-month warranty. However, the warranty does not include ants or fleas as their behaviour and life-cycle need a different approach. Check out our ant treatments and flea treatments for more information.

How do you carry out a general pest control treatment?

The first step is to reassure you that we will get rid of your troublesome pest problem. You’re in safe hands. There isn’t a problem we can’t fix. We’re good listeners and want to know all the details about your pest problem to determine the scale of the issue, before we inspect the property. The inspection will address any safety or environmental issues.

As necessary, we’ll use pest control sprays on the interior and exterior of the house, powders in the roof voids (and sub-floor if present), and gels in the kitchen.

We’ll advise you about our treatments, provide you with a list of products, and advise you about actions you need to take to keep future pest problems at bay.

Roof void dusting
Injecting-dusting weepholes
Treating the external building

How do you charge for pest control services?

Central Pest Control are a bit different to other pest control companies in that we charge an hourly fee. We do this because we believe this better reflects the time it takes to do the job right first time.

Companies that charge a flat rate will often rush the job to complete the treatment in the allotted time and move onto the next job. This can mean an incomplete treatment and the likelihood that the pest problem may return.

Our customers expect the job done right the first time, so we take the time to make sure we carry out a thorough treatment. By doing a thorough job the first time, Central Pest Control offers customers a 12 month warranty (except for ants and fleas).

Some operators charge a fixed price for a certain sized home. Every home or pest problem is different, so we don’t have fixed prices, which we believe works out better for everyone.

Charging fixed prices for pest treatment is a bad idea. Here’s why…

The operator cannot assess the scale of problem (especially over the phone!). So, when an technician arrives at a job, the pest problem/infestation might be bigger than first thought. As a consequence:

1) They may rush and do an incomplete job to stay within budget.
2) They may claim a repeat visit is required and charge an extra fee.
3) The problem may return, with more inconvenience and cost.

Fixed prices lead to repeat problems, more damage, repeat visits, and additional pest treatments. For you, this means more stress and greater cost. Avoid this by calling Central Pest Control. We do the job right, the first time.

How long does a general pest treatment take?

Of course, this depends on the size and construction of the home and the scale of the pest problem. But, for a standard home (3-4 bedrooms), our general pest treatments take at a minimum, 1 to 2 hours. This ensures you get value for money from a thorough job, done right! You should be wary of anyone saying they can do a decent job in less than an hour.

Are your pest control products and treatments safe?

Yes. All our products are safe to use in and around your home, children, and pets. We’ll advise you about the service and the products we recommend using for the job. You’ll be able to ask questions about our pest control services and treatments.

When we carry out the treatment it is the Law to stay out of the treated areas (3 to 4 hours) and return when the treatment is dry. In most cases, this lets us do the job quicker.

Specialist Pest Control Treatments

German Cockroach treatments

Pest: Cockroaches (German)
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Kitchen, laundry room, cupboards
Products: Baits and sprays
Info: Our general pest control treatment and standard cockroach treatment both provide a 12- month warranty on large cockroaches. However, the small German cockroach which lives indoors can be a challenge to eliminate. Small (German) cockroaches live in interior walls and found behind stoves, sinks, fridges, dish washers & cracks or crevices. We use a combination of products and experience to gain control. Large infestations can possibly take more than one visit. We will eliminate your problem but since German cockroach problems are often introduced into buildings when people bring in infested boxes, appliances (often containing cockroach egg cases or live cockroaches), we do not provide a warranty against future infestation.

Spider control treatments

Pest: Spiders
Warranty: 12 months
Areas treated: Under gutters, Eaves, around windows & the entire perimeter walls. Sheds, outdoor areas, pergolas & outside table & chairs (we do not just spot spray)
Products: Sprays
Info: Treatments target web-builders (e.g. redback and black house spider) and prevents the building of new webs. If you have a specific white-tailed spider problem, let us know as we will need to try and locate the source of the problem.

Ant control treatments

Pest: Ants
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Inside, outside, pavers and lawns.
Products: Sprays, gels or granules.
Info: To get control we need to identify the ant species to understand their nesting and foraging behaviours. We target the queen(s) in each nest to destroy the colony. Depending on the number of nests, gaining control can take time. Experience is essential. Although we will eliminate your ant problem, we don’t offer a warranty on ants, as once we have cleared an area of ants, it is only a matter of time before new ants move into the area. However, after our treatment to get on top of the problem we do sel

Flea control treatments

Pest: Fleas
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Inside, outside, and where pets dwell.
Products: Spray
Info: Due to the warmer weather, fleas are often a summer pest. Bites occur (indoors and outdoors), mostly on the lower legs.

Mosquito control treatments

Pest: Mosquitoes
Warranty: None
Areas treated:
Products: Spray
Info: Mosquitoes threaten the health of humans and livestock and carry a range of diseases. The use of insecticides can give rapid relief. Disruption of breeding sites by preventing water accumulation in rubbish (e.g. tin cans, old tyres) and guttering is also important. To gain control we mist surfaces and areas where mosquitoes like to hide and rest.

Wasp control treatments

Pest: Wasps
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Under guttering. Around doors and windows, perimeter walls & gardens, trees & scrubs.
Products: Sprays and powders
Info: Our general pest treatment will prevent wasps building their nests on treated surfaces for up to 12 months. We can also take care of existing nests with our wasp nest treatment. For customers that have a persisting problem on their property, we can also provide a professional wasp jet aerosol for use around their property, if they come across any.

Rodent control treatments

Pest: Rodents
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Building perimeters, Roof void, sub-floor
Products: Baited lockable stations, sticky traps (glue boards).
Info: Rats and mice enter buildings seeking food and warmth (common in winter months). We carry out an inspection to determine the species present, where they’re nesting and where they’re getting in. This allows us to determine the quantity and placement of bait needed. We always use lockable bait stations for safety, which remain the property of the homeowner after the treatment. A major infestation may need more than one visit or on going maintenance.

Bird control treatments

Pest: Bird lice and mites
Warranty: None
Areas treated: Roof void, interior
Products: Sprays and powders
Info: Affecting domestic and commercial buildings, pest birds are an increasing problem in Australia. It’s a sensitive area of pest control with preventive measures being preferable. Most of our bird control work is for bird lice and mites. Mites can become an issue after the nesting birds have left (leaving the mites looking for another food source!). To gain control we may spray the property’s interior and dust roof voids.

11 ways to keep your home pest-free…

  • Keep all surfaces and floors clean.
  • Pick up food crumbs and clean all spills.
  • Store away all food and drink. Never leave it out.
  • After washing and drying always store cutlery away after use.
  • Keep all rubbish outdoors in secure bins.
  • Clean pet bowls after use. Don’t leave pet food out. Clean any spills.
  • Keep your pet’s flea treatment up to date.
  • All property perimeters should be free from vegetation and mulch.
  • Always trim any trees and bushes.
  • Store wood away from the property.
  • Fill any small entry points to the home e.g. external pipework entry/exit points.

Commercial pest control for businesses in the Western Downs

Looking for a commercial pest treatment?

Whether you’re looking for one-off, a monthly pest treatment, or a maintenance program on a six-month or quarterly basis. Central Pest Control works with a wide variety of businesses and organisations in your local area.

Food industry
Retirement homes
Farms and rural
Gas Infrastructure

Although we’ll deal with any pest problem you have, most of our business customers have similar problems with cockroaches (including German cockroaches), spiders and rodents.

To ensure your business meets the requirements of relevant legislation, we provide comprehensive pest service reports.

Central Pest Control aims to help local businesses protect their good name and reputation. We’re open and honest about the service we provide and the products we use. We’re happy to talk you through every step before a treatment takes place. Let our commercial pest control experience support and guide you through the process.