Spiders in your home?

Get rid of them fast

Spider removal and spider control for the Western Downs

If the sight of a spider makes your skin crawl or your want peace of mind that children and pets will be safe from a painful bite, Central Pest Control is just a phone call away. We provide specialist spider control treatments across the Western Downs region.

General Spider control

For a specific spider problem, we use a specialist spider spray. We target roof eaves, window frames, perimeter walls, door frames as well as fences, sheds, outdoor furniture and play equipment. The spray contains an insecticide that spiders pick up when they walk over a sprayed surface. If there are any unsightly webs, it’s best to wait and brush away webs roughly 2 weeks after spraying.

WARNING – After spider control treatment don’t wash webs away with a hose. This will rinse the insecticide away, leaving you with less protection. Spiders will not build webs on a treated surface for 12 months.

Our specialised spider treatments come with a 12-month warranty.

Not all spiders are the same…

There are web-building spiders (redbacks and black house spiders) and running or hunting spiders (white-tailed and huntsman spiders).

Our specialised spider control treatment primarily targets web-building spiders and other insects (“spider food”). The perimeter treatment and reduction in “spider food” will keep the hunting spiders away from your home. However, if you have a specific problem with white-tailed spiders, let us know, as we may need to do a bit more searching to find out where they are hiding and treat those areas specifically.

5 tips to keep spiders out of your home

  • Keep garden beds away from your property wall
  • Keep vegetation trimmed back
  • Keep wood and rubbish piles away from the house
  • Keep shoes and clothes off the floor to reduce hiding places
  • Install well fitting insect screens to doors and windows

Australia’s 6 problem spiders

  • Redbacks live in dry shelters e.g. rocks, logs, fencing, roof voids…or the outside toilet!
  • Huntsmans live under rocks and bark…or in your car!
  • Funnel-webs inhabit sandy soils in moist areas, under rocks and logs. When looking for a mate, male funnel-webs often wander into houses and hide in shoes!
  • White-tailed prefer cool moist locations, such as the mulch in garden beds. To escape the summer heat, they’ll wander into homes often hiding in sheets and clothes left on the floor.
  • St. Andrews cross spiders live in trees and bushes. They’re the ones that build large annoying webs that you walk into on paths outside the house.
  • Black house spiders usually live under rocks and in trees. But they can build their messy, funnel-like webs around the home too e.g. window frames, door frames and roof eaves.