Fast cockroach removal

Cockroach experts for the Western Downs

If you’re afraid to turn the kitchen light on after dark for fear of seeing roaches scatter, then you need to call us to get your home back to being a safe, roach free haven.

Not only do scurrying cockroaches give you a fright, but they spread bacteria and disease posing a real health risk to humans. Cockroaches can quickly infest a home becoming real a problem if you don’t seek expert help.

Make your home or business cockroach free with Central Pest Control. We have a range of cockroach control treatments to suit your budget.

General Cockroach control

Most home owners ask us to perform a general pest control treatment. This includes general cockroach control and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Specialist Cockroach control

If you find you’re repeatedly spraying individual cockroaches then it might be time to call in the specialists. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your home. We use a range of professional products (baits, sprays, and powders) that you can’t get in a store. When we combine these products with our years of expertise, we soon get your roach problem under control.

Our specialist cockroach treatment comes with a 12-month warranty against large cockroaches (the ones that generally live outside and come inside “by accident”). Yes, we will eliminate your German cockroach problem but since German cockroach are introduced into building when people bring in infested boxes, furniture, or appliances (often containing cockroach egg cases, or live cockroaches), we do not provide a warranty against future infestation.

Commercial Cockroach control

For restaurants, food companies and other commercial premises, pest control should form part of an ongoing service plan. The aim is to comply with Australian food, health, and safety standards.

You can rely on Central Pest Control to tackle the immediate problem and provide your business with ongoing pest management.

How we get rid of cockroaches…

Where cockroaches are concerned, the smaller the cockroach, the bigger the problem!

The large cockroaches (American and Australian cockroaches) typically live outside and in the sub-floor and drains, coming inside by accident or looking for food. These cockroaches can be eliminated and prevented from entering through a complete treatment around and under the home. However, the smaller cockroach species which live inside are a different problem.

The smaller German cockroach (up to about 1.5 cm) hide in groups in the smallest of places e.g. cracks & crevices in cupboards, under fridges, dishwashers, requiring warm moist areas to breed.

90% of the nesting population will remain hidden. At Central Pest Control we use specialised sprays. The insecticide attaches to the body of a cockroach when they walk across it. When an infected cockroach takes the insecticide back to the nest, it kills the rest of the population. Although you will see a big impact straight away, for large infestations control can take up to a week or more. And, may require more than one visit. For commercial customers we offer regular service programs with warranties lasting between services.

10 tips to keep your home cockroach free…

  • Keep all surfaces and floors clean, especially cooker tops and microwaves
  • Pick up food crumbs and clean all spills
  • Store cupboard foods in air tight containers
  • Wash and dry the dishes, don’t leave dirty dishes out overnight
  • Keep all rubbish outdoors in secure bins
  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight
  • Fill and seal any small entry points and cracks in the home
  • Avoid moisture build-up and seal any leaking pipes
  • Check roaches are not hiding in delivery boxes
  • Keep wood piles, mulch, garden debris away from your property

The success of any treatment depends on the owner making the conditions less attractive to cockroaches. Implementing these tips will help. However, if the problem persists, call us right away on 07 4662 1132.